Challenger Society member on international all-female Antarctic expedition: Maddie Brasier

Polychaetes1Maddie Brasier, student member of the Challenger Society and University of Liverpool student representative on the Challenger 2016 conference committee, was selected for the 2nd all-female Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica. This project co-founded by researchers and professional leadership trainers in Australia is a transformational leadership initiative framed by a final trip to Antarctica. The education programme aims to raise global awareness of the gender gap in science and environmental change. Maddie will be one of 70 international participants, including PhD students, research fellows, professors and non-academic scientific professionals, creating global network of female scientists aspiring to lead and influence in science and policy.

HB 2016

Maddie’s PhD uses DNA and stable isotope analyses to assess the diversity, biogeography and functional traits of Antarctic polychaete worms, she has also collaborated with British Antarctic Survey and the US Antarctic programme to assess the benthic marine communities around Antarctica with relevance to marine protection. Being a member of the UK Polar Network education team, Maddie has organised and conducted many outreach events around the UK. Her participation in the Homeward Bound expedition next year is self-funded and she is in the process of raising c. £16,000 to partake in this opportunity through sponsorship, travel grants and collaborate outreach work. The Challenger Society has recently awarded Maddie a £500 student travel award to assist her on this expedition.

For more information regarding Homeward Bound contact Maddie on


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